• Excellent survival  after popped from trays packed in liners eliminating the necessity to take delivery in trays.

  • Reduced delivery costs and no holding nursery costs.

  • Clones in paper pots will last in liners for at least a week.

Forestry Clones

  • All forestry clones are grown in  paper pots placed in a model 98 specially designed tray.‚Äč

  • The pots are 90 mm deep and 35 mm in diameter and are the largest plugs available in the industry

  • Ready for extreme planting conditions with excellent survival rates.

  • Only the best well tested clones are deployed.

  • Our program is leading the industry with Eucalyptus and Wattle hybrids.

  • New Hybrids such as E.Grandis X E. Smithii and E. Grandis X E. Longistrata will be available in the foreseeable future.

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